Regis University Helping Small Businesses with Online Presence During Pandemic

Students and faculty from Regis University's College of Computer and Information Sciences are partnering with tech firm, Pagedip, to help small independent businesses navigate communication challenges during the COVID-19 crisis.

Do you know a small business in need of online communication support? RegisUniversity students and faculty, in partnership with Pagedip are offering FREE simple web pages to help businesses with their communication needs as they navigate through the pandemic. From creating new messaging related to COVID-19, communicating new hours, promotions, updated services and/or changes to current operatio

ns, these webpages can help to effectively share important information and increase your online presence during this time.

Need to share new hours, changes to operations, new services or current promotions? Students from Regis will build a free, one-page website that can serve as a stand-alone page or linked to your current website to provide up to date COVID-19 related information.

Here is a sample of what the one-page website can look like.

Interested businesses should contact Walt Sulmeisters at or complete this form.

Benefits of Pagedip:

  • FREE secure hosted micro-site

  • Share Better and More Accurate Information

  • Easy & Quick To Edit

    • As the environment is rapidly changing, Pagedip is quick and easy to edit and allows you to update your content as things change so that your info is up to date and accurate

  • Use as a single-page stand alone site or add link to your current website for COVID-19 specific info

Pagedip Partner Testimonial:

Full Terms and Conditions[1]


Terms and Conditions: All content that you provide will continue to be your sole property (your “Original Content”) and you hereby provide a license to use your Original Content to Pagedip and Regis to create the microsite (the “Mircrosite”). You represent and warrant that you have all rights in and to the Original Content and that you indemnify Pagedip and Regis in full for any third party claims airing out of or related to the Original Content. All content on the Microsite other than your Original Content will be the property of Pagedip and you will have a temporary license to use the Microsite for a 90-day free period (the “Free Period”). If you wish to use the Microsite content after the Free Period, you may contact Regis and Pagedip to discuss licensing terms. You hereby release Pagedip and Regis from any and all claims related to the Microsite, and you indemnify in full Pagedip and Regis against any claims arising out of use of the Microsite by you or any third party. You understand that the Microsite is being developed by Regis and Pagedip free of charge and that Pagedip agrees to host the Microsite on Pagedip’s servers free of charge during the Free Period. You have no rights in and to the Microsite other than as set forth in this paragraph and you agree and understand that Pagedip will use its reasonable business efforts to keep the Microsite available during the Free Period. Neither Pagedip nor Regis has any obligations to you other than with respect to acknowledging your ownership of the Original Content. Your completion of this questionnaire does not guarantee that a Microsite will be created for you and Pagedip and Regis may, in their sole absolute and unlimited discretion, refrain from creating the Microsite or hosting the Microsite at any time for any reason or for no reason at all.